Caucasus Valley

Vineyards And Grape Variates

Winemaking in Qvevri is one of the oldest and the most traditional methods. A Qvevri is a clay container with a capacity of 300 to 3000 liters. Qvevris are placed in the ground and thus preserving constant temperature.

Qvevris are stored in places called “Maranis” (cellars). Mash obtained from pressed grapes is poured into Qvevris and when alcoholic fermentation is finished, we seal them with clay until maceration is finished (6 months). Then, the skins are separated from the wine to proceed further aging or bottling.


Between difused in Georgia red sorts of grape aladasturi always had distinguished place.

Aladasturi is typical Kakhetian hearth representative, as with botanical signs as with agro biological characteristics.



Rkatsiteli is well-known grape sort in Georgia. Most of all it is delayed in Kkahety. It gives high quality European and Kakhetian types of table white wine.

Rkatsiteli is local Kakhetian sort of grapes. It was formed from Alazani cultural grape sorts form, which is placed in ravine of river Alazani (east side).



Tsolikouri is local standard grape sort. It is well-known in Georgia’s viticulture regions and gives high quality table white and natural half sweet desert wines.

In foreign ampelographical works Tsolikouri is descript and shortly characterized as "Tsolikouri".



Otskhanuri saphere is well-known Imeretian grape sort. It gives table quality red wine.

Otskhanuri saphere is local grape sort, arised from Kolkhety from cultural grape sorts forming. With its economical traits and characteristics pertains to prol. pontica subprol. georgica Negr. (11) ecological-georgaphical group.



Kisi is less known Kakhetian grape sort, which gives high quality table white wine.

Kisi is madefrom local cultutal grape sorts forming. It’s much closed to Kakhetian enterprise white wine sorts with its botanical and economic-technological traits.



Sapheravi is Georgain standart, well-known grape sort. It is one of the best representatives of world wide red grape sorts assortment.



Mtsvane is Kakhetian grape sort which gives European and Kakhetian type high quality white table wines. The name was given because of its ripe grains yellowish-green color (mtsvane means green on Georgian).



Khikhvi is local less known grape sort. It gives high quality table white wine and in a few micro regions high quality desert wine.



Usakhelouri is local red grape sort. It is diffused in Tsageri region, especially Zubi-Okureshis micro region and gives high quality natural half sweet and table red wines.



Tsitska is local well-known sort of grapes, it gives high quality table soft white wine. It is most used in higher and lower Imerety to produce sparkling wines (Champaign). In foreign ampelographical works tsitska is mentioned and shortly characterized as Tsitska and Chanti. Tsitska is arises from the heart of Kolkhida and with its morphological and fatigue signs is closer to this culture than another grape sorts.



Krakhuna is local white grape sort, which fives European and Imeretian type wines.

Generally Krakhuna is well-known in Imerety. It was born from Kolkhetian hearth of grape sorts formation. Krakhunas main difference from west Georgian enterprising grape sorts is earlier (for one period) ripeness and oval form of grain.